East Sun Hotel Sekinchan


This hotel, named the East Sun Hotel which is located in Sekinchan is now new name to travellers as it has always been a popular choice for them.  This hotel is conveniently located at Sekinchan town. The reason why most people choose this hotel, especially travellers and tourists alike is because of its easy access to all the places that this beautiful city has to offer its people. This easy access enables anyone and everyone to head down to some of the main attraction which this city has to offer.

The East Sun Hotel is no ordinary hotel and although it may look a little simple on the outside, the facilities which they offer are more than enough to make your stay here at Sekinchan a very delightful one indeed. The East Sun Hotel also offers various on-site facilities to cater to almost everyone with different expectations making sure that all their guests are happy.

As what has been said earlier about this hotel being one that will make your stay a pleasant one, let us take a deeper look to what this 48 bedroom hotel really has to offer its guests.


24 Hour Front Desk

This one is a huge plus point for all guests and travellers regardless of where they come from. As a traveller, you would want to have convenience more than any other thing and that would normally be your highest priority in most cases. The 24-hour front desk here at East Sun Hotel was designed to serve and keep their travellers happy at all costs. For travellers, there will be times when they wouldn’t be able to check into their hotels at a specific time and that is when this 24-hour front desk comes in really handy.



The East Sun Hotel isn’t a huge hotel and although it only has 48 bedrooms, they have added an elevator within the hotel to allow guests to save their time and energy instead of walking flights of stairs. You also won’t have a problem bringing anyone who is very old or who has a problem walking up or down as the elevators here will solve that issue.


Sauna and Steam Room

Nothing helps you relax more than getting into a steam room and a sauna on your holiday. After a day of going around town visiting all the attractions in Sekinchan, you can now come home to your hotel pamper yourself to a nice session in the sauna as the heat will sooth your nerves and help you relax your muscles. You could also choose to enter the steam room right after that and relax while you lose a few extra pounds which is going to keep you healthy.

These are just some of the few special things which you would benefit from when you visit the East Sun Hotel. The other basic and essential facilities and amenities that are provide include certain comforts such as wireless internet access, air-conditioning for all the rooms, telephone and even a satellite cable TV. There are also other outdoor activities which you will be able to enjoy such as swimming, playing squash, playing tennis or just relaxing in the Jacuzzi provided.

An Overall View

As you can see, this hotel is not something you would want to miss and if you are ever thinking of making your way down to Sekinchan, then this hotel is one that you definitely should take into consideration. If I were to sum up all that has been said above I would just say that this is definitely a perfect hotel which you would not want to miss staying at if you ever did have a choice.