Things to do at Sekinchan


Travelling Sekinchan

Many have not heard of this place and many more who have heard about this place don’t really know what it is all about. This small town named ‘Sekinchan’ is located about 102 kilometres north of Kuala Lumpur. This town actually happens to be nestled in one of the main areas where they produce rice in Malaysia.

A direct translation of the word ‘Sekinchan’ in Chinese to English means ‘village suitable for plantation’ where the land and the weather are both just perfect for the farming of rice. This town has been recorded to have the highest rice production in Malaysia till today with a farming land which reaches the size of close to 4,300 acres. If you ever travel to Sekinchan, you will get to see the huge paddy field on the right side of the road along your journey to this place. Apart from its farming, Sekinchan is also known to be a popular fishing village among many.

Many people seem to say that this is one of the most unique places around to visit as it is located very close to both land and sea and because of this factor, the term ‘Land Of Plenty’ is another name that has been given to this place by the inhabitants of this little town. Just what are the things that once can do when they are travelling in Sekinchan?


A trip to the Bagan fishing village

This is the main fishing village which is located south-west of the town. You won’t be able to get any fish fresher than what you will be getting right here. The prices are also much cheaper than what you would be paying if you were to buy them at a local supermarket and the freshness of the food just makes it worth the buy.

Some of the seafood which you might find sold here are prawns, squid and even crabs. The only thing you will need to remember is to bring a large cooler box with you along with some ice packs to keep the seafood cool and fresh for your journey back home.

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Buying delicious Keropok

If you are looking for snacks, look no more. Those of you who are crazy about Keropok, you will be more than happy to know that you will be able to get a variety of Keropok here. You will be able to buy them either fried or raw. Those of you who want to have your Keropok freshly made back home, you can buy the raw ones and fry them back home.


The Lovely Seafood

In Sekinchan, you will find many restaurants that are famous for their fresh seafood. You will also be able to get a lot of Teo Chew style of cooking as many of the native people here are Teo Chew. Not only will you enjoy delicious food here at these restaurants but you will also pay a minimum charge compared to what you would if you were to dine anywhere else in Kuala Lumpur.


Journeying to the Mango King

The famous ‘Mango King’ is in fact located in a house. Here, you will not only find mangoes but also fresh passion fruit, guavas that come in both pink and green. Other snacks can also be found here such as banana chips, fresh bottled up passion fruit juice and even cookies.

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Visiting the paddy processing factory

Some things in life should never be missed and when you are down at Sekinchan, one of the things that you should never ever miss is visiting the paddy processing factory here. What is amazing in this paddy processing factory is that the factory has a Paddy Museum where guides will show you the entire process and methods of paddy planting, harvesting and also processing.


Getting the freshest fish balls

Calling all fish ball lovers out there. This is the place to be. You will be able to spot a house with pomegranate trees and other fruits trees and you will see a rope with three fishing balls tied to it. When you spot this place, walk inside and here you will find a Chinese family churning fish balls in the hundreds. All these fish balls are hand-made and are as fresh as can be. You won’t find another place anytime soon which produces fish balls this fresh and be sure to buy them before you head on your journey back.


Shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables

You might not have thought to yourself that you would come all this way to Sekinchan only to buy vegetables and other eating items but you will realize that they have fantastic produce to offer. The corn is sweeter than you think and as all the other products, the vegetables here are as fresh as what you would want them to be.


Sekincan is actually a small place.There are a few accommodation choices available. Here are some good choice available a+ Boutique Hotel , East Sun Hotel. Else where nearby town such as Sabak Bernam or Kuala Selangor would be ideal and quite nearby to Sekinchan.

The Journey

To all of you who love snapping away with the camera, this would be paradise for you as you will have the opportunity of capturing all sorts of images of interesting subjects from many different angles. That’s not all you will experience here especially if you come over at the right time of the year when the paddy fields are all ripe for harvest, it will be a sight worth watching and remembering altogether. You have to be sure to mark down the dates and come early as Sekinchan is now pretty well known in the recent years among photographers.

Some of the things which you would want to know when you are travelling to Sekinchan is that you would want to start your journey early as most of the seafood restaurants in this area open up early in the morning and they are already closed by 3.00pm. This is because all these restaurants actually get their fresh supply of fishes in the morning when the fisherman arrive at the docks by 5.30am. Apart from enjoying the food at the restaurants, another reason for you to give this place a visit is that you will get to enjoy buying fresh seafood to take home at a much cheaper price but remember, you would have to be early as they sell out pretty quickly. It is time to start planning your trip down to Sekinchan and believe me on this one, you would be planning your second trip over here after your first one.