A+ Boutique Hotel Sekinchan


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In the lovely town of Sekinchan, you will find a hotel called the A+ Boutique Hotel.  A hotel which is known to tourists and it serves as a great place to stay as you will get to access other amazing attractions here in Sekinchan. This hotel is a great place for travellers and tourists to stay in. Unlike other average hotels, there are certain things about this hotel that make it a very special place indeed. Redang beach is just 5 mins away from the back of this hotel.


First off all, you would be really happy to know that this hotel cares about their guests more than others and that they have furnished this hotel with all the necessary amenities that such as an attached bathroom and even air conditioning throughout the whole hotel and in all its rooms.



Travellers and also those of you who are on business trips down at Sekinchan, you would be delighted to know that the A+ Boutique Hotel provides extremely fast WiFi connection for all their guests. The last thing you would need to do at this hotel is to come down looking for a cyber cafe or even turning on your hotspot on your mobile phone and wasting your data away just to get internet connection to get your work done. Guests can be sure of a very comfortable and secure stay here at the A+ Boutique Hotel. The rooms here in the suites are air-conditioned and you are also able to control the temperature unlike other hotels where the temperature might be a little too cold or too hot as it is centralized.


Like all travellers and guests who come visit the A+ Boutique Hotel, many would actually assume this hotel to be just as same as the others around. Almost all tourists who end up in this hotel would normally be spending their time resting back in their rooms after a busy day of visiting the attractions in Sekinchan but not knowing what else this hotel has to offer. What you should know is that this one of a kind hotel allows you to spend time and experience the 3D murals which are located at the hotel’s Rooftop Garden and what might get you even more excited is that all these drawings are done by our very own local Malaysian artists. Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen, the A+ Boutique Hotel is a boutique hotel unlike any other which provides great hospitality an also A+ services to their guests to ensure that the level of comfort and experience are at an all-time high.


Basic Necessities

The other basic necessities which are provide by the A+ Boutique Hotel is a plasma TV, drinking water, a telephone, hot shower, clean towels, mosquito net, hair dryer and if all that isn’t good enough to convince you to come and stay here, then guess what, you will even be able to rent a bicycle here at this hotel.


An Overall View

Think no more as everything you could ever imagine in a perfect holiday has already been provided. There is no doubt that with all the convenience and experience you will be getting at the A+ Boutique Hotel, you are bound to plan your second trip back here in the near future once again.