Harbour View Hotel Sekinchan

  Harbour View Hotel in Sekinchan presents comfortable and comparatively lavish accommodation at budget prices in the city of Sekinchan, home to Malaysia’s finest rice producing states. This hotel is conveniently located at Sekinchan town. The established property has a… Continue Reading

Sekinchan Stylish Villa

In a small and lovely town of Sekinchan, you will stumble upon a nice villa called Sekinchan Stylish Villa. This villa is more like a homestay . It has a total of 10 rooms. Sekinchan Stylish Villa is well-positioned in… Continue Reading

Things to do at Sekinchan

Travelling Sekinchan Many have not heard of this place and many more who have heard about this place don’t really know what it is all about. This small town named ‘Sekinchan’ is located about 102 kilometres north of Kuala Lumpur.… Continue Reading